• Illinois 98th General Assembly

Licensed Activities and Pensions

Amends the Illinois Dental Practice Act. Provides that a dental hygienist may be employed or retained by a nonprofit organization or in a public health setting. Provides that a dental hygienist under remote supervision with a collaborative agreement with a licensed dentist shall provide a dental hygiene examination and screenings and determine which services are necessary to be performed with a referral to a dentist for a dental examination within 12 months. Provides that a dental hygienist may be employed or retained by a health care facility, program, or nonprofit organization to perform dental hygiene services without the patient first being examined by a licensed dentist if the dental hygienist (i) has engaged in active practice of clinical dental hygiene for a minimum of 2,400 hours in the past 18 months or a career total of 3,000 hours, (ii) has entered into a collaborative agreement with a licensed dentist, (iii) had documented participation in courses in infection control and medical emergencies, and (iv) maintains current CPR certification. Provides that a licensed dentist may not have a collaborative agreement with more than 4 dental hygienists, unless otherwise authorized by the Board. Provides that the collaborative agreement must (i) include certain provisions and it must be signed and maintained by the dentist, the dental hygienist, and the facility, program, or organization, (ii) be reviewed yearly, and (iii) be made available to the Board upon request. Makes other changes. Effective immediately.

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Sunny Guziejka Sunny Guziejka Self
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Julie Landers ABC Dentistry Illinois Dental Hygiene Association