• Illinois 99th General Assembly

Elementary & Secondary Education: Charter School Policy Committee

Amends the Charter Schools Law of the School Code. Removes provisions allowing the State Charter School Commission to reverse a school board's decision to deny, revoke, or not renew a charter; makes related changes. In a provision concerning a charter school proposed to be jointly authorized by 2 or more school districts and the school boards unanimously denying the charter school proposal with a statement that the school boards are not opposed to the charter school, but that they yield to the Commission in light of the complexities of joint administration, allows the charter applicant to submit the proposal to the Commission and requires the Commission to follow the same process and be subject to the same timelines for review as a school board.

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HB397 - HCA1

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Jonathan Holmes Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Chicago Coalition for the Homeless
Jim Broadway Illinois School News Service Citizen
Elizabeth Keefe N/A citizen