• Illinois 99th General Assembly

Licensed Activities and Pensions

Amends the Illinois Dental Practice Act. Provides that a dental hygienist may be employed or retained (rather than employed) in specified settings, including in a public health setting (and defines "public health setting"). Provides that certain orders by dentists to dental hygienists must be completed within 12 months (rather than 120 or 180 days). Allows a dental hygienist to perform certain dental hygiene services in a public health setting if the dental hygienist has entered into a written collaborative agreement with a licensed dentist. Sets requirements for the written collaborative agreements and limits the services that may be authorized. Makes other changes. Effective immediately.

Witness Slip Information

Name Firm, Business, or agency Representing
Rebecca A Bunge Illinois Dental Hygienists' Association IDHA
Debra Owens Dental self
Sherri M Lukes IL Dental Hygienists' Association Illinois Dental Hygienists' Association