• Illinois 100th General Assembly

Elementary & Secondary Education: School Curriculum & Policies Committee

Amends the School Code. Provides that a school district may offer a driver education course in a school by contracting with a commercial driver training school to provide both the classroom instruction part and the practice driving part or either one without having to request a modification or waiver of administrative rules of the State Board of Education. Provides that if a district chooses to contract with a commercial driver training school, then the district must provide evidence to the State Board of Education that the school holds a license issued by the Secretary of State. With respect to the requirement that a driver education course consist of at least 6 clock hours of practice driving in a car having dual operating controls in order for a school district to receive reimbursement from the State, provides that the State Board of Education may allow, in lieu of not more than 5 clock hours of practice driving in a dual control car, such practice driving instruction as it determines is the equivalent of such practice driving in a dual control car. Allows school districts to adopt a policy to permit proficiency examinations for the practice driving part of the driver education course at any time after the completion of 3 hours of practice driving under direct individual instruction. Effective immediately.

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