• Illinois 100th General Assembly

Business Licenses Subcommittee

Amends the Animal Welfare Act. Provides that every dog dealer and cattery operator shall provide for every dog or cat available for sale documentation that indicates that the dog or cat has been microchipped. Requires an animal shelter or animal control facility to provide information to an adopter prior to the time of adoption whether the dog or cat to be adopted was microchipped prior to being placed in the animal shelter or animal control facility. Provides that if a dog or cat turned into an animal shelter has a microchip and the primary contact or owner refuses to reclaim the cat or dog, the shelter shall contact the pet shop operator or rescue organization identified on the microchip and request they claim the dog or cat. Provides that a pet shop operator, dog dealer, or cattery operator may not obtain a dog or cat for resale or sell or offer for sale any dog or cat obtained from a person who has committed violations of certain federal laws or regulations, as tracked by the United States Department of Agriculture. Provides for certain exceptions. Requires pet shop operators to microchip all dogs and cats. Requires pet shop operators to include a disclosure that a dog or cat for sale has been microchipped. Denies home rule powers. Effective immediately.

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